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The Cat Did What!!!

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

When you have two 25 pound cats you need to be always watching what they are doing.  If you don’t, this could happen to your furniture. #furniturerestoration  The owner of these 3 bar stools called to find out if she should throw them out or could they be fixed.  After looking at the stools we decided that they were salvageable.  

After washing the legs, all of the scratches were puttied with wood filler. #woodfiller  We went back to kindergarten and smeared on the putty like we were playing with peanut butter.  These cat claw scratches had to be filled.

Cat Scratches

Scratches Are Disappearing

Now was the time for sanding & smoothing for what seemed like forever, until the legs were smooth and no scratches visible.

The legs were then stained to match the remaining wood as close as possible. Then to make sure that the putty blended in, the final finish contained a colorant the same as the stain to help in the blending process.  The finished bar stools now have no traces of “Godzilla” the cat.  

Lots of Filling & Sanding

What Cat Scratches!!!

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