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To commemorate this milestone we have designed a new web site, logo, and have made some plans to thank our loyal customers.    Begining  on January 1, 2019 through February 28 anyone refinishing any 4 items will get a 40% discount on the most expensive item.  This discount will run for 2 months only. 


So look at your furniture, do you have some chairs that need refinishing?  How about co

My wife Alecia started the business in the beginning and after 3 years we decided to make a change, so I stepped in to help her take the furniture  refinishing to a new level.  By using my prior sales background, we were able to expand the company to what it is today.  


One of the many things I have learned in 42 years is color matching.  This is the art of making two woods look the same.  It can be used in the process of the total refinishing of a piece or touching up the color and shine of a damaged piece. This takes patience and practice to see just what colors need to be applied to give you the look that is required.  

ffee & end tables, or even a bedroom set?  January & February are the months to make them beautiful.  As always, refinishing includes gluing loose joints where necessary, cleaning away the old finish and applying a color and shine of your choice.

We specialize not just in furniture refinishing, but in all aspects of furniture restoration including:  pianos, kitchen, bathroom & office cabinets, furniture painting, & church pews.  We also have an expert in the art of caning, rushing, rattan, & wicker, as wells clock repair and refinishing.

The Largest Furniture Refinishing Company in Tulare, Kings, & Fresno  Counties


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Dick Wilcox


Alecia's Furniture Refinishing is now credentialed with Renovar. To become credentialed, a company is required to be in business a minimum of five years and submit to credit and background checks to prove that the company is reputable and financially secure.  


We conduct inspections and repairs for them in our area. All of our workmanship done through Renovar, is guaranteed for five years.  That guarantee is backed in writing by Renovar.  It has been a lengthly process and we hope that this will become a mutually beneficial association.

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We also have worked for over 27 years with Restoration Center, a referral company.  They are a "Hotline" that locates quality companies to do repairs for their clients.

We accept all credit cards & PayPal.

  Alecia's Furniture Refinishing


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