For 40 years we have made wood furniture look new again.  All pieces are re-glued, repaired, and parts replaced as needed before stripping.  All stripping is done by hand to reduce the possibility of glue joints and veneer coming apart.  After the furniture is dried and has been sanded, the customer is then consulted for the type of color and finish to be applied.  We can also match to other pieces of furniture.




Church Pews

We have refinished the pews, altars, lecterns, &  baptism fonts for many churches in the San Joaquin Valley.  This is a reasonably priced way for churches to improve the look of their sanctuaries.  We give discounts for large numbers of items which makes this service very affordable.

Before & After

Before Caning

After Caning

Our specialist has been with us for 23 years.  For 29 years she has perfected the art of rushing, caning, splint, sheet cane, rattan and wicker repair.  She is an expert in all aspects of the art.


Many pianos can be made to look beautiful again with refinishing.  Stains and paints can be applied in high gloss finishes if desired.  We also have available a piano repair and tuning specialist


We can re-veneer, rebuild, re-glue or do many of the repairs that a broken piece of furniture needs.  As an example of repairs we can do, this table leaf had a split & warped seam. We were able to re-glue, putty and sand the uneven seam, and then did color matching to even the color with the rest of the leave.



Insurance Inspections

For many years we have been doing inspections and repairs for insurance companies, moving companies, and furniture manufacturers.  We can supply still pictures or videos and will inspect any claims.


Kitchen, Bathroom, or Household cabinets can be given new life with our refinishing services.  We can update the look of your cabinets at a much lower price then total replacement.

Furniture Painting

Painting - Highlighting - Outlining -Distressing - Painting & Faux

Finishes are available for your furniture, whether it is wood or metal.  Highlighting and outlining is one of our specialties 





Take an old piece of furniture and turn it into something completely different.  We will help you with the planning and execution of these transformations.

Color Matching

This is like mixing paint colors, only using stains.  It is used primarily when you have different types of wood, but you want them to match. Or, matching new wood that is 

un-aged to the existing old wood.

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